Grid Energy is a leading provider of strategic energy services that deliver savings and efficiencies, while contributing to resilience and sustainability. For nearly 30 years, Grid Energy has helped businesses structure and execute complex energy transactions and integrated energy solutions. Grid Energy supports clients in procuring electricity and natural gas commodities. Grid Energy designs and develops onsite generation, storage, and infrastructure projects that offer clients cost effective ways to improve power quality and hedge exposure to commodity risk.

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Select projects performed by Grid Energy for leading clients in energy procurement strategy, energy storage, efficiency and sustainability, clean tech advisory services, solar and CHP distributed generation, and microgrids. Additional projects, details, and references available per request.

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Grid Energy provides energy procurement services to commercial and industrial clients.

Energy Supply

Client’s benefit from our decades of experience in procuring wholesale electricity and natural gas. We help clients build a tailored approach around their energy objectives, business processes and expansion plans.

Grid Energy bids customer electric and natural gas loads suppliers across the United States and advises customer on contract awards. In addition to conventional electric products, Grid Energy also advises clients and facilitates transactions for dedicated off-site renewable energy supply, virtual power purchase agreements (VPPA), and community solar projects.

Grid Energy integrates and coordinates energy commodity procurement strategies with behind the meter, remote renewable energy procurement, and other financial products to optimize client’s objectives around price, sustainability, term, and hedged positions.

For customers with large loads who want to coordinate buyer bids on a set day, Grid Energy organizes real time auctions, with over 80 suppliers participating. This software platform also provides public sector clients and corporate Fortune 500 companies with audit trails.

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Grid Energy designs, builds, and finances distributed energy projects.

Generation & Storage

Grid Energy develops behind the meter distributed energy projects for customers seeking to reduce energy spend and long term commodity risk. By integrating distributed energy assets with wholesale and ancillary markets, Grid Energy can open up new revenue streams to a customers. Grid Energy can also help clients use distributed energy to improve sustainability and resilience.

By providing energy infrastructure as a service, Grid Energy enables clients to achieve higher levels of power quality than can be obtained through traditional utility service, without new capital investment. Grid Energy offers full design/finance/build/own/operate distributed energy options using a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) or “infrastructure as a service” agreement. Additionally, Grid Energy can deliver distributed energy projects to customers via capital purchase agreements and tax operating leases.

Our distributed energy offerings include:

  • Onsite roof top and ground mount Solar Systems
  • Batteries and Power Control Systems
  • Combined Heat & Power Turbines and Reciprocal Engines
  • Waste Water Geothermal Systems
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Client Portal

Grid Energy offers its customers a customized portal on our digital platform to continuously manage and improve energy use. This portal enables:

  • Real time energy use visualization and monitoring and real time energy market information
  • Enrollment and dispatch of assets in ancillary market programs
  • Peak Load Contribution and Utility Demand Management

Together, these strategies offer customers the greatest opportunity to reduce their energy cost without compromising fundamental business priorities.

Grid Energy provides customers a platform to not only see and understand energy pricing in the power market, but to make informed decisions based on price and take automated actions to take advantage of those opportunities. Our online tool integrates multiple energy resources, not just load, to give our clients a powerful smart energy management tool.

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