Grid Energy worked with a large multi-site healthcare client in the Mid-Atlantic to provide a No Capital Cost turnkey solution to reduce their energy spend and support corporate sustainability goals. Grid Energy conducted onsite audits of campus energy infrastructure, analyzed historical utility data and conducted due diligence on utility interconnections for onsite and offsite solar generation.

Grid Energy’s provided the client with a zero upfront cost Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) solution that provided an aggregated cost savings of $6.1M from a combined 6MW solar generation system providing 9,100 Megawatt hours of energy in year one, and supported the corporate sustainability goals FY 2018.

Additionally, Grid Energy included within the PPA framework a campus LED lighting upgrade that took advantage of local incentives to net an annual energy reduction of 740,000 kWh, or 5.5% of the sites annual electric usage, creating $2.3M in savings over the PPA term.

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